Table 3

Barriers to engaging with technology

Patient and caregiver perspectives on barriers to digital engagementProfessional perspectives on barriers to digital engagement
Increasing age and lack of familiarityOlder and frailer patients
Lack of interest, does not fit within current lifestyleUnsuitable for patients with cognitive impairment or decreased conscious levels
Financial costs of purchasing technology and maintaining internet connectionPotential for technological interventions to add to professional workload
Interaction with technology is stressfulPractical barriers of integrating digital data into NHS systems and infrastructure
Concerns about personal data security (mainly financial data)Culture of resistance to change within NHS
Low levels of literacyTechnology can detract from human aspect of medicine and face-to-face communication with patients
Less likely to feel like interacting when in pain or generally unwell, potential to be burdensome. If used regularly for symptom monitoring may draw attention to symptomsInconsistent access to cellular data signal in rural locations