Table 1

Patient and caregiver participants

PseudonymAge (years)SexPrimary cancer siteDistant metastasesCaregiver pseudonymSIMD 2012 decile*18Sixfold urban rural classification19
Christine73FBreastYesJack, husband81: Large urban area
Kevin72MHaematological (non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma)YesJoan, wife93: Accessible small town
Tim66MRenal and pancreatic primariesYesVictoria, daughter62: Other urban areas
Richard70MProstateYesN/A73: Accessible small town
David56MColorectalYesN/A61: Large urban area
Alex67MProstateYesN/A55: Accessible rural
Zoe69FOvaryYesN/A41: Large urban area
Ruth57FLungYesN/A21: Large urban area
John62MGastro-oesophageal junctionYesBarbara, wife65: Accessible rural
Robert61MOesophagusYesN/A22: Other urban areas
Andrew76MLungNoClaire, partner95: Accessible rural
Kirsty56FColorectalYesN/A93: Accessible small town
Jason66MOesophagusNoN/A42: Other urban areas
Campbell68MLungYesDorothy, wife101: Large urban area
  • *Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) 2012 ranks areas in Scotland by postcode from 1 (most deprived) to 6505 (least deprived) according to multiple indicators of deprivation such as employment and housing. Ranks are reported here by decile with 1 indicating most deprived and 10 indicating least deprived.