Table 4

Analysis of the specialist palliative care services commissioned in patients own home

Type of service commissionedNumber of CCGs who recorded its use
Hospice-led or hospice-at-home only 27
Hospice/hospice-at-home and 24/7 telephone line only 10
24/7 telephone line only 9
Marie Curie/CNS nurses only 8
Hospice and community nurses only 7
Additional services (where CCGs recorded hospice care and/or phone line, they noted these services in addition)
 Community nursing services25
 Night services19
 Marie Curie18
 Supportive care at home services (with equipment delivery)4
 No specific details of out-of-hours services18
  • CCGs gave qualitative responses detailing the services they considered to be 24/7 services, and the most common responses have been summarised quantitatively here.