Table 1

Patients’ (reported) and relatives’ (expressed) PPD, changes over time and actual place of death

Study IDPatient’s PPDRelative’s PPDPatient’s change of preferenceRelative’s change of preferenceActual place of death
 1HomeHospiceHe ‘couldn’t have cared’ (after sudden deterioration)Hospital death was ‘peaceful’ and care was goodHospital
 3Not statedNot statedNot statedNot statedHome
 4Not statedHospitalNot statedNot statedHospital
 5HospiceHomeNot stated‘with hindsight, hospital was the right place’ (after sudden deterioration)Hospital
 6Not statedHomeNot statedUnchangedHome
 10HomeUnsureNot statedHospital was the ‘right place’Hospital
  • PPD, preferred place of death.