TableĀ 1

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
Original research using and reporting qualitative methodologiesStudy does not report qualitative methods for data collection and analysis
English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and ItalianAny other language
Adult patients (aged 18+) with a life-limiting diagnosis and palliative care needs and/or their family caregivers being cared for at homeParticipants other than adult patients and/or their family caregivers (eg, voluntary caregivers)
Specialist or intermediate palliative care provided at home*Generalist home care (including end-of-life home care), intervention not sufficiently described, or experiences with specific components of care
Relevant findings for the identification of key components shaping the experiences of participants, the experiences shaped by these key components and mechanisms of action explaining these relationshipsFindings not related to the objectives of the review, or insufficiently informative results
  • *According to the criteria used by Gomes et al 8 to define home palliative care and distinguish between specialist and intermediate services (presented in an online supplementary file).