Table 4

Outcomes of advance care planning (ACP), including documentation

Overall n (%)Facilitator n (%)Referral n (%)P=*
Total clients in group784427357
Clients with whom ACP was initiated508 (65)293 (69)215 (60)0.01
Clients completing ACP (% clients where ACP was initiated)89 (18%)53 (18%)36 (17%)0.31
Time taken≤30 min3115160.02
31–60 min24915
61–90 min752
90–120 min660
>120 min15132
Missing data651
All documents n (% who completed ACP)41 (46)13 (25)28 (78)<0.005
Medical enduring power of attorneyTotal155100.30
Plus CL-ACD926
Plus CL-ACD and RTC413
Common law advance care directives (CL-ACD)Total3811270.10
Plus MEPOA936
Plus MEPOA and RTC411
Plus RTC211
  • *For facilitator compared with referral.

  • MEPOA, medical enduring power of attorney (substitute decision maker); RTC, Refusal of Treatment Certificate.