Table 5

Validity of completed advance care directives

Overall n (%)Facilitator n (%)Referral n (%)
Medical enduring power of attorney15510
Valid as per legal requirements n (%)9 (60)3 (60)6 (60)
Validity errors6 (40)2 (40)4 (40)
 Not signed by client11
 Witnessing of document incomplete, incorrect*522
Refusal of Treatment Certificate624
Valid as per legal requirements2 (33)02 (50)
Validity errors4 (67)2 (100)2 (50)
 Treatment refused option not indicated211
 ‘Medical treatment generally’ chosen but specific treatment specified11
 Witnessing of document incomplete†11
Advance care directive (common law)381127
Complies with best practice11(29)4 (36)7 (26)
Best practice non-compliance element (one or more)
 Incompatible CPR/LPT option‡1459
 Not signed by client14212
 Not signed by witness20416
 Not signed by doctor17215
 Number with both treatment inconsistencies and signing/witness issues1138
  • *Must be signed in the presence of two witnesses. Neither witness can be the agent/alternative agent. One witness must be authorised by law to witness the signing of statutory declarations.

  • †Must be signed in the presence of two witnesses, one must be a registered medical practitioner.

  • ‡Person has selected that they do not want LPT, but want CPR, or have stated they want CPR, but have also stated they do not want to be resuscitated.

  • CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation; LPT, life-prolonging treatment.