Table 1

Characteristics of trial services

SiteParticipating servicePractitioners within teams (outset of study)Deaths per month (prestudy info)
1Home care team, two components:1 Home care team manager34
 Specialist Palliative Care Team  Palliative Care Support Team8 CNSs
7 RGNs
6 HCAs
2Home care team, two components40
 CNS team1 CNS team manager
5 CNSs
 Hospice at home teamI CNS
3 RGNs
9 HCAs
3Hospice at home service—two teams covering different geographical areas18 CNSs (9 for each geographical area)50
4Community Nurse Specialist Team26 CNSs100
5Community Palliative Care Nurse Specialist Team1 Manager
8 CNSs
6Palliative Home Nursing Service1 Community team leader
5 CNSs
  • CNS, clinical nurse specialist; HCA, healthcare assistant; RGN, registered general nurse.