Table 1

Demographic information for deceased patients

Demographic for deceased patients within local survey (n=858)Demographic for deceased patients within case note review (n=6580)
Diagnosed illnesses during the last days of life (n=858)
 Cancer (including leukaemia and lymphoma)26531154623
 Heart failure228274998
 End-stage renal (or kidney) disease118141142
 Motor neuron disease40.5571
 Do not know303NANA
 Something else23527374457
Age in years (n=816)Median patient age 82 (IQR 73–88)
Ethnicity (n=809)
 White British78096895870
 Mixed white/black Caribbean00024
 White Irish81158
 Mixed white/black African10.101
 White other1422121
 Mixed white/Asian0001
 Mixed other00013
 Black Caribbean00155
 Black African20.2135
 Asian other10.1156
 Black other0003
 None of these20.24232
Gender (n=782)
Religious affiliation (n=805)
 Any other religion9(9)3217