Table 4

Clinical audit results about anticipatory prescribing for symptom management and key pertinent end-of-life discussions

Clinical audit results (n=6580)
5a. At the time of the patient's death, is there documented evidence that medication was prescribed (PRN) for the key symptoms that may develop in the last hours and days of life?
I. Pain (missing data=5, 0.1%)531481
II. Agitation (missing data=5, 0.1%)473072
III. Noisy breathing (missing data=5, 0.1%)425865
2b. Discussions regarding awareness of patients imminent death held with relatives (n=5722)*531393
3d. Discussions regarding the plan of care for the dying phase held with relative/friends or IMCA (missing data=3, 0.05%)478073
8e. A discussion regarding hydration options/care was undertaken with the relative, following recognition that the patient was expected to die in the coming hours or days (n=5722)*205136
  • *Only applicable if patient was recognised by healthcare professional to be dying.