Table 2

Topics covered in AmiPal podcasts since January 2015

TopicFocusLengthDate published
Introduction and welcome to the new podcastOpinion12:02Jan 2015
Research and innovationOpinion17:22Jan 2015
Integrated clinical academic trainingArticle overview6:13Jan 2015
Nanotechnology to monitor cancerOpinion9:34Jan 2015
3D printing in clinical practiceOpinion7:15Jan 2015
Publishing in palliative careEducation15:19Feb 2015
Is there too much technology in healthcareArticle overview14:55Feb 2015
Peer led learning in palliative careArticle overview5:35Mar 2015
Palliative care day therapyInterview21:42Mar 2015
Undergraduate medical education in palliative careInterview15:31Mar 2015
Bioelectrical impedance analysis to assess hydration in advanced cancerEducation6:14Mar 2015
Culture and palliative careOpinion16:27May 2015
Wearable technology in healthcare—can palliative care benefit?Opinion14:10Jun 2015
Five apps for clinical academicsEducation16:40Jun 2015
Social media and palliative careArticle overview4:10Sep 2015
Technology in the delivery of healthcare: patient power in medicineArticle overview3:44Nov 2015
What makes a good case-based discussion?Interview
5:37Dec 2015
Virtual reality and palliative careOpinion5:48Feb 2016
Renal medicine and palliative careInterview3:36Feb 2016
A comparison between studies: research, audit and service evaluationEducation2:22Feb 2016