Table 3

Seven common care practice themes

Care practice themesDescription as a practice principle
1Specialised expertise 24/7Provide dedicated expertise 24/7 so that the patient never feels alone
2Intrateam communicationCommunicate and connect as providers so the patient does not have to repeat their story numerous times
3TimelinessRespond in a timely and effective manner so that the patient experiences minimal discomfort and distress
4Physical symptom and psychosocial–spiritual managementAttend proactively to the wellness of the patient's mind, body and soul so all forms of suffering can be alleviated
5Education and preparednessProvide education and guidance so that the patient can prepare for what lies ahead
6Peace and fulfilmentSupport the patient to resolve personal affairs and realise goals so that they can feel fulfilled, and at peace
7Advocates for patient preferencesServe as advocates so that the patient can achieve the type of care, and death desired