Table 2

Linear regression model results for mother's EOL characteristics and father's CES-D, TRIG-A, and TRIG-B scores*

EstimateSEp ValueEstimateSEp ValueEstimateSEp Value
Peace with dying−1.680.700.02−0.720.370.05−1.720.61<0.001
Worried about strain on you (father)1.660.920.071.550.480.0022.230.800.006
Worried about strain on children2.951.230.021.620.640.012.831.020.006
Said goodbye to each other−1.200.620.050.220.33ns−0.260.53ns
Children said goodbye−1.020.64ns0.320.35ns−0.240.56ns
  • *Each model included the mother's EOL characteristic as the predictor of interest and time from death until survey as an additional covariate, since father's scores are expected to change over time.

  • CES-D, Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale; EOL, End-of-life; ns, non-significant; ns, not significant; TRIG-A, Texas Revised Inventory of Grief-A; TRIG-B, Texas Revised Inventory of Grief-B.