TableĀ 1

Description of participant characteristics (names changed to ensure confidentiality)

Name of participantGenderAgeEthnicityDiagnosisTLCOComorbiditiesPalliative care involvementInformal caregiver
RBH1 TerryMale81White BritishIPF38NoNoNo
RBH2 JohnMale63AsianIPF35NoNoNo
RBH3 JimMale77White BritishIPF33Yes, COPDNoYes
RBH4 PeterMale65White BritishIPF39NoNoYes
KCH1 MaryFemale75White BritishIPF36Yes, osteoporosisNoYes
KCH2 RuthFemale56Black CaribbeanIPF35NoNoYes
KCH3 GeorgeMale74CypriateIPF31NoNoNo
KCH4 LeaFemale57South AmericanNSIP30Yes, rheumatological diseaseNoYes
CarersRelationship with patient
RBHC1 PennyFemale63WhiteWife of James (advanced IPF)
RBHC2 JaneFemale41WhiteDaughter of Anne (advanced IPF)
RBHC3 JoanFemale55WhiteWife of Paul (advanced IPF)
RBHC4 AnthonyMale63WhiteHusband to Betty (advanced IPF)
  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; KCH, Kings College Hospital; IPF, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis; RBH, Royal Brompton; TLCO, percentage-predicted transfer factor.