Table 3

Empowerment subthemes with illustrative quotations

Empowerment subthemesValenceParticipant quotations
Sense of personal control+I am conscious that things really need to be put in some sort of order, and this was just another… document that helped tie up everything together.
Well what's the good of it? [Doctors] just do what they like.
Access to doctor+[We] could discuss it with [local doctor] when he comes in one day. He's a friend of ours who's a doctor.
… but once you come here [RACF] you got no choice what doctor you get… and the one that was here… said I will get the other doctor… to print [AHD] out and she said she'll get him to print it out… You know so it just hasn't arrived.
Support from doctor+I must say that when I discussed it with my doctor, he thought it was a really top thing to do, he was very, very supportive of doing it…
…we often talked about it because I've heard there's a living will and… we asked the doctor once and he said as a joke “have another wine at night and… enjoy life”.
Support from family+[my family] were all for me doing [an AHD]. They said ‘Righto, you go ahead and do as you please’.
I don't want to make my family miserable by making a decision [to complete an AHD]. I mean I'm quite willing to suffer a little more if my family's happy about that.
  • Quotations illustrate the positive and negative valence of each subtheme (contributing to empowerment or disempowerment, respectively).

  • AHD, advance health directive; RACF, residential aged care facilities.