Table 1

Characteristics of participants and interviews conducted in different groups

Recruitment groupN interviews (interviewees)GenderMedian age in years (range)Interviews with family members present, N (% of group)Interviewees aware of AD forms, N (% of group)*Interviewees with completed AD forms, N (% of group)
Residential aged care facility30 (30)19F, 11M86 (65–97)2 (6%)9 (30%)6 (20%)
Community care10 (11)5F, 6M83 (70–93)3 (30%)4 (36%)0
Oncology service5 (5)3F, 2M62 (57–70)1 (20%)3 (60%)1 (20%)
Independent community dwelling (mail-out respondents or GP/lawyer referral)10 (16)7F, 9M75 (67–82)8 (73%)13 (81%)7 (44%)
  • *Conservative estimate based on levels of awareness at time of informed consent.

  • AD, advance directive; F, female; GP, general practitioner; M, male.