Table 3

Current ACP practices reported by respondents to the organisational survey

ACP practice itemNumber offacilities (n=12)
Provision of ACP information to residents
 No ACP information given1
 On admission2
 After admission5
 On admission and after admission2
 Before admission, on admission and after admission2
Extent of ACP completion
 All permanent residents*7
 Some permanent residents with no particular rationale5
 Some permanent residents who meet specific criteria0
Time to advance care plan completion
 Within the 1st month of admission6
 Within the 2nd month of admission4
 On resident/family request only2
Information collected/discussed
 Appointment of an SDM (MEPOA)/guardianship†9
 Residents’ palliative care wishes10
 Residents’ pain management guidelines2
 Residents’ wishes around hospital transfer in the eventof illness11
 Residents’ medical treatment options5
 Residents’ end-of-life wishes10
 Residents’ funeral wishes10
 The things that matter most to the resident about living and their end of life1
  • *Permanent resident, excludes residents who are briefly admitted for respite care.

  • †Guardianship: appointment of a person to make decisions for an adult with a disability when they are unable to do so.

  • ACP, advance care planning; MEPOA, medical enduring power of attorney; SDM, substitute decision maker.