Table 3

Quotes for theme ‘Experiences of NIV: physical-psychological relationship’

(1)aI have the ventilator to help with being tired and with having a headache when I wake up. (Stephen, Point 1)
(1)bI wasn't sleeping properly. (Before NIV) I wasn't sleeping … (Mark, Point 4)
(1)cI feel a lot better with that machine… say if someone was here—like you're here—before I would have been like that—just shutting my eyes. (Oliver, Point 1)
(1)dNow I'm not falling asleep so I feel better so I can get up and knock about and just to stretch my legs and … or reading papers or magazines which I can do. I couldn't before because I just shut my eyes. (Oliver, Point 2)
(1)eIt's amazing that it's changed….. that's the massive benefit now it affects me during the day. And like I say its logical isn't it? You have a good night sleep, and you feel better, don't you? (Oliver, Point 3)
(1)fAt the end of the day I'm awake all day. I'm sort of lively, as I can be. (Oliver, Point 4)
(1)gBecause of the way that the nasal things are, a little bit of them can just move, or come out, and then all the air rushes out of it and you have to push it in during the night and adjust it. (Damien, Point 1)
(1)hIf I'm not breathing for myself and letting a machine do it, then I'll get worse quicker than if I just keep breathing on my own. (Stephen, Point 1)
(1)iI will become reliant on it all the time. (Stephen, Point 4)
  • NIV, non-invasive ventilation.