Table 5

Theme 4: work, finances and benefits

Participant descriptionWork and financial planning
#45 Renal patient‘I was on 6 months full pay, 6 months half pay so financially we were OK, but I was a bit concerned as to what would happen after 12 months, whether I would retire, whether I’d get ill health and so the financial issues behind that was a bit of a worry.’
Benefits and social security
#115 Colorectal patient‘I mean I just walk in, come in and get my treatment and I leave. I’m so naive like that, I really am. I would never have dreamed of asking for financial aid, I really wouldn’t.'
#21 Renal patient‘She said you’ll find that you need this extra money, and she said for journeys to and from hospitals and different places, and I have found that I do need the central heating on a lot more, I feel the cold. So I know that money is there to pay the bills when they come.'