Table 3

E-simulation performance

Number of attemptsParticipants
1 attempt21
2 attempts15
3 attempts11
4 attempts8
5 attempts4
6 attempts3
6+ attempts2
Median attempts2.0
1st attempt (for those who make subsequent attempts, n=43)
Median score7.0*
Interquartile range
−30 to 65
Change in scores between first attempt and attempt with highest score (n=43)
Change in median score+38
Interquartile range
−55 to +90
  • *The e-simulation scoring is based on the appropriateness of each of the responses, and scores of −10, −5, 0, +5 or +10 are assigned to each prompt choice. Maximum possible score=85, minimum score=−30.

  • Significant difference between scores at first attempt and the highest score during subsequent attempts (Wilcoxon signed rank=712.00, p<0.001).