TableĀ 7

Integration of qualitative data and their adherence to NIV

Superordinate themesThemesSub themesParticipants
Experience of NIVPositive experiencePhysicalDamien, Rosie, Mark, Oliver, Stephen
PsychologicalDamien, Rosie, Mark, Oliver
Negative experiencePhysicalDamien, Rosie, Oliver, Stephen
Consistent psychologicalStephen
Attitude influenceResistant styleResistance to MNDDamien, Rosie, Mark, Oliver, Stephen
Consistent resistance to NIVStephen
Active coping styleGeneral attitudeDamien, Rosie, Mark, Oliver
Appreciation of lifeDamien, Mark, Rosie
Perceived Impact of prognosisReinforced attitudeNeed for NIVDamien, Rosie, Mark, Oliver
Fear of deathDamien, Rosie
Reluctant attitudeInitial reluctanceDamien, Rosie
Consistent reluctanceStephen
  • MND, motor neuron disease; NIV, non-invasive ventilation.