Illness belief and expectationsDecision making
▶Illness identity (symptoms)▶Difficulties
▶Illness and treatment control▶Influences
▶Any side effects or consequences▶Living will/awareness of patients wishes
▶Time-line (how long the illness lasted)▶Attitudes towards end of life treatment
Carers/family needsImportant areas of care
▶Physical needs▶Influences of previous experiences
▶Psychological needs▶Confidence in health care professionals
▶Emotional support▶End of life treatment preferences
▶Social/practical needsAttitudes towards palliative care principles
▶Practical support▶Thoughts about quality vs quantity of life
▶Spiritual/existential needs▶Beliefs about benefit of palliative care principles
▶Spiritual support▶Awareness of palliative care services
▶Barriers on support uptakeOther
▶Communication▶Anything not mentioned
▶Communication re. illness course▶Bereavement support
▶Understanding of situation▶Future hopes
▶Clarity of information given
▶Information needs