Table 3

Influence of selected sociodemographic variables on advance care planning outcomes

ORp>|z|(95% CI)
Model 1: Has heard of ACP
Age (6 categories)1.1780.0021.0621.306
Education (4 categories)1.3100.0020.1021.557
Income (5 categories)1.0270.6880.9011.172
Has ‘kids’ in household0.5370.0140.3260.884
Not born in Canada0.9280.7120.6261.376
Fraser Health Authority1.2270.1690.9171.642
Model 2: Discussed ACP with family/friends
Age (6 categories)1.396<0.0011.2891.511
Education (4 categories)0.9850.8280.8631.125
Income (5 categories)1.1250.0261.0141.247
Has ‘kids’ in household0.8010.1730.5831.102
Not born in Canada0.9390.6990.6871.286
Fraser Health Authority1.2120.1060.9591.530
Model 3: Discussed ACP with healthcare provider
Age (6 categories)1.234<0.0011.0851.402
Education (4 categories)0.9200.4130.7531.123
Income (5 categories)0.7920.0040.6740.930
Has ‘kids’ in household0.3590.0080.1690.765
Not born in Canada1.8710.0031.2292.847
Fraser Health Authority1.2040.3050.8451.716
Model 4: Has a written ACP plan
Age (6 categories)1.681<0.0011.4931.892
Education (4 categories)1.3460.0011.1321.600
Income (5 categories)1.0590.3980.9271.211
Has ‘kids’ in household1.0040.9870.6121.646
Not born in Canada1.0500.8050.7111.551
Fraser Health Authority0.504<0.0010.3700.687
Model 5: Has a designated decision maker
Age (6 categories)1.454<0.0011.3341.578
Education (4 categories)1.0180.7920.8921.161
Income (5 categories)1.1710.0031.0561.298
Has ‘kids’ in household1.0360.8310.7491.434
Not born in Canada0.9140.5730.6681.250
Fraser Health Authority0.7560.0180.5990.954
Model 6: Aggregated ACP behaviour
Age (6 categories)1.478<0.0011.3761.587
Education (4 categories)1.0720.2360.9561.202
Income (5 categories)1.1170.0181.0191.224
Has ‘kids’ in household0.8580.2780.651.132
Not born in Canada1.0190.8950.7731.342
Fraser Health Authority0.910.3560.7441.112
Cut 11.4670.9481.985
Cut 22.451.9222.977
Cut 33.4622.924.003
Cut 44.7214.1545.287
Cut 56.2225.586.864
  • Logistic regression models of ACP outcomes on selected sociodemographic variables Canadian Ipsos Reid sample (n=1523), ORs and 95% CIs. Model 1 thru Model 5 use binary outcomes and Model 6 uses an ordinal outcome.

  • Bold text indicates that the coefficient is significant.

  • ACP, advance care planning.