Table 2

Characteristics of respondents (n=264)

CharacteristicsNo. of respondentsPercent
Clinical service speciality
 Neonatal intensive care19373
 Paediatric hospital services249
 Maternity services125
Work experience
 >7 years12347
 1–6 years4216
 <1 year3614
Experience of referring to palliative care services
  • *Missing data includes those who arrived late and did not fill in the pre-education questionnaire (n=20)—only the pre-questionnaire contained demographic questions—and those who did not respond to individual questions.

  • †Included: student (n=7), nursery nurse (n=6), midwife (n=6), chaplain (n=4), health visitor (n=2), paramedic (n=2), psychologist (n=2), counsellor (n=2), speech therapist (n=2), occupational specialist (n=1), family support worker (n=1), care coordinator (n=1), play specialist (n=1), project manager (n=1), and a visiting fellow (n=1).

  • ‡Included: Community Children's Nursing Services (n=5), Community Health Services (n=4), Children's Hospices (n=2), Paramedic (n=2), Bereavement services (n=1).