Table 3

Key composite scales from CODE: assessment of internal consistency and construct validity

Composite scaleMean score (range)Internal consistencyConstruct validity
Cronbach's αCorrected item–total correlationCorrelation matrixFactor loadings
ENVIRONMENT (score ranges from 0 to 8) (n=65)6.7 (0–8)0.89r=0.81
Q3 bed area was comfortableQ3 0.810.83
Q4 bed area had adequate privacyQ4 0.810.97
CARE (score ranges from 0 to 25) (n=57)14.4 (0–19)0.89r=0.46–0.82
Q1 help with personal care needsQ1 0.790.81
Q2 help with nursing careQ2 0.840.89
Q6 confidence and trust in nursesQ6 0.670.71
Q7 confidence and trust in doctorsQ7 0.610.69
Q20 overall emotional supportQ20 0.650.78
Q27 support at time of deathQ27 0.800.88
COMMUNICATION (score ranges from 0 to 10) (n=61)7.8 (0–10)0.79r=0.20–0.63
Q8 nurses had time to listenQ8 0.750.92
Q9 doctors had time to listenQ9 0.710.84
Q16 involved in decision-makingQ16 0.360.39
Q19 explanations easy or difficultQ19 0.690.74
  • CODE, Care Of the Dying Evaluation.