Table 3

Costs of breakthrough pain medication

TherapyRegular doseBreakthrough dose (a)Average price per breakthrough event (£)
Morphine60 mg10 mg0.09
Oxycodone30 mg5 mg0.20
Fentanyl25 μg/h (b)
Intranasal (c)100 μg4.88
Sublingual100 μg4.99
Buccal100 μg (d)4.99
Buccal200 μg (e)5.85
  • a Typically one-sixth of regular daily dose.

  • b Patch dose.

  • c Average of instanyl (100 μg) and pecfent (100 μg).

  • d Initial dose of effentora (100 μg).

  • e Initial doses of actiq (200 μg).