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P-235 Evolution in the team, revolution in the service
  1. Jo Ansell
  1. Garden House Hospice Care, Letchworth, UK


Background We are a family support team of 4.68 WTE paid staff made up of counsellors, a social worker, spiritual care co-ordinator, administrator and 25 volunteers. A new manager was appointed in late 2017 and found a team struggling under a long waiting list. Feedback from other teams in the hospice was frustration that family support was slow and unresponsive.

Aims Following a team away day in January 2018 we decided to re-focus our work to be:

  • timely and appropriate;

  • rehabilitative and empowering;

  • efficiently supported and evaluated.

We had no specific numeric goals at this point, only to reduce our waiting list and become more responsive.

Method Taking a whole-system approach devised a plan which included major changes to:

  • Team ethos;

  • Assessment and referral processes;

  • Communication and roles;

  • Our counselling/service model;

  • Recruitment and training;

  • Evaluation and data collection.

Results After a year we achieved and have maintained:

  • The elimination of our waiting list; clients are now allocated within days of being assessed unless they have very limited available time slots;

  • Response to tasks and requests within two working days, usually within 24 hours;

  • Positive outcomes demonstrated in self–reported evaluation and improved Core 10 scores.


  • A whole team/whole system approach fostered a commitment to our aims and acceptance of the changes we needed to make, even when they were difficult;

  • A short–term counselling model is appropriate in a hospice setting if supported by theoretical and practical training in how to deliver counselling in this way;

  • The no–waiting approach means that the intervention is made when it is needed and can be most effective, and our outcome results show this;

  • Our willingness to be flexible in the way we work with individual cases where specific need is demonstrated provides the team with confidence that we remain client centred within a rehabilitative model.

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