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P-228 Linking hospital to home at end of life
  1. Alex Van Der Walt and
  2. Rebecca Ford
  1. Oxford University Hospitals Trust, Oxford, Oxfordshire


Background No Occupational Therapists (OTs) previously in Hospital Palliative Care Team (HPCT) and lack of continuity for patients and their families from leaving hospital to being at home for end of life care (EOLC).

  • It was recognised that OTs were needed as an essential part of the HPCT;

  • Needed to improve upon patient and family’s experiences of EOLC in the John Radcliffe Hospital.


  • To provide support and continuity of care for patients and families throughout patient’s EOLC journey from hospital to home;

  • To provide education and support to hospital staff in regards to palliative and EOLC;

  • To promote role of OT in palliative care within the trust and nationally.


  • Networking with other OTs working in palliative care and sharing ideas;

  • Qualitative data collected – formally from staff using an anonymous form and informally from patients and relatives;

  • Planning on initiating a qualitative research project using a research assistant to interview families and loved ones.


  • 237 patients seen in the first year;

  • 100% of staff agreed that input from the palliative care OTs improved the quality of EOLC for palliative patients;

  • Excellent informal feedback from patients, relatives and staff across the hospital and in the community.

Conclusions Project demonstrated that OTs in the HPCT have a positive impact on the EOLC received by patients in the trust and into the community. We are one of the only OT teams that follow patients through their entire journey from hospital to home. The findings of our project supports ambition 4 of the Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care - ensuring care is co-ordinated.

This project will be of interest to palliative care professionals across the country as it is displaying innovative practice and has so far achieved excellent results and feedback.

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