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P-205 Working at scale... not tipping the scales
  1. Bev Behmer and
  2. Duncan Fleming
  1. Mountbatten, Isle of Wight, UK


Background The Mountbatten Coordination Centre is central to our strategy moving forward. It is becoming the catalyst for working in different ways to future proof services, supporting people at scale with the services they need.

Aims Our coordination centre referral criteria of anyone with a life limiting disease or within their last five years of life, means we can reach more of our population earlier, preventing inappropriate admissions to the acute setting and enabling a planned approach to care. Our desire is to give the correct dose of care to each person at the right time, meaning our finite resources are used effectively and people aren’t smothered in a blanket of care becoming ‘a patient’.

Method The criterion for referral into our coordination centre is the last five years of life. All people referred are assessed and a plan put in place. The plan can range from light touch support, including access to our 24/7 support line, social programme and rapid response service, to the assignment of a specialist nurse. Our vision is that more people will fit in to the criteria of the former, enabling a planned approach, with patients’ wishes achieved and stress and anxiety managed.

Results We have recently undertaken an evaluation of the Coordination Centre, this has resulted in some interesting findings. There is some evidence that it has had a positive impact on primary care with the amount of contacts decreasing after referral to the Coordination Centre. There have also been many pieces of anecdotal feedback from patients, family and professionals.

Conclusion We are using our limited resource to reach more people, when they need us; an increase of 50% in the past year. Helping them wherever, whenever and however is appropriate, to make the final years of their lives as rewarding as possible, giving all hope.

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