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P-203 Triaging referrals to specialist palliative care – an audit and improvement activity
  1. Katie Jerram1,2 and
  2. Heather Paterson2
  1. 1Rowans Hospice, Portsmouth, UK
  2. 2Solent Specialist Palliative Care Team, Portsmouth, UK


Background Changes to staffing levels and concerns within the Specialist Palliative Care Team (SPCT) about inconsistent triage methods led to a review of the triage process: an audit with a service review of patients seen once and discharged was completed, triage operating procedure updated and a re-audit completed.

Aim To ensure a consistent and equitable triage process to allow Solent patients referred to the SPCT to be appropriately seen in a timely manner.


  • Changing the triage process has led to a more streamlined and consistent approach;

  • Restarting Early Palliative Care clinic has allowed for a more responsive service (self and re–referrals are encouraged) to a wider range of patients;

  • The percentage of patients triaged and subsequently not seen, and of those breaching target date once triaged have decreased – this could be due to improved staffing levels, improved triage process and the restart of the Early Palliative Care clinic.

Learning points

  • A detailed triage process allows for a patient–focussed and responsive service;

  • A consistent approach allows for teams to continue to provide a good quality service even when under pressure.

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