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P-99 Driving by the dashboard lights
  1. Duncan Fleming and
  2. John Sharman
  1. Mountbatten, Isle of Wight, UK


Background There was a need identified that data we had used and displayed historically didn’t give a true picture of the complexity and diverse nature of the care and support we offered.


  • To develop a dashboard as a single source of reporting for all different meetings, stakeholders and teams, from the Clinical Commissioning Group through to teams on the frontline;

  • To have a consistent approach and method of reporting for all teams;

  • To make sure all teams were represented;

  • To highlight the importance of good recording.

Method When we moved to a new electronic patient record (EPR), this was an ideal opportunity to change the way we reported and demonstrated our work. A new role was recruited and an application called Power BI was used to analyse data from the EPR.

Results We found that the new dashboards promoted discussion in all the situations it was displayed and that staff engaged with data and recording at all levels of the organisation. Being able to see the data for individual teams has helped staff to understand the importance of recording accurately. Team leaders have fed back that they have a clear understanding of their caseloads and the complexity of patients referred to them using outcome measures.

The dashboard data acts as a single source of information for team and organisation reports, and sections of the dashboard have been used for delivering messages to the public. Having a dedicated member of staff has meant that changes can be made to the dashboard quickly as new data is requested.

Conclusion The development of our dashboards has allowed the organisation to give a clear picture of what we do. Feedback has been positive at all levels with engagement driving healthy discussion and improvements in practice.

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