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P-98 A modern view of hospice data
  1. Fernando Torres
  1. St. Cuthbert’s Hospice, Durham, UK


Background St. Cuthbert’s Hospice manages their patients’ records through SystmOne, a known patient record software. All the care services, in-patient and out-patient, are managed through the software, therefore it was possible to register outcome data and link it to a particular user, service, spell of care and phase of illness. This opened the path for developing an information system containing online-cloud interactive dashboards, all done with open source technologies, making it an affordable option. The system takes a patient-centred approach, which includes outcome scores per patient and their ‘journey’ across all services, having spells shared across the entire organisation and not by service, everything in one interface and accessible from any device with internet connection.

Methods The information system works with the data structure of SystmOne, allowing the inclusion of any validated outcome measurement, not only limited to IPOS. The system is made entirely with the R programming language, using the Rstudio ecosystem and is intended to centralise all the data that a hospice produces from every patient.

Conclusions Having a centralised information system allows hospices to see patients from every perspective, either if an in-patient or out-patient service was delivered. By having spells shared across all services it is possible to see sequentially how the patient has improved or deteriorated and how every department had an impact on the outcome. As most of the technology is open source, any hospice that currently uses SystmOne could make use of the system with little investment. Also, being able to see the data from any device connected to the internet can allow practitioners to access the patient’s outcome even when they are performing a home visit.

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