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P-59 Evaluating project ECHO™ in palliative and end-of-life care
  1. Ben Harris,
  2. Cheryl Young,
  3. Diane Corrin,
  4. Giovanna Cruz,
  5. Sarah McGhee and
  6. Anne Mills
  1. Hospice Isle of Man, Douglas, Isle of Man


Background Hospice UK is promoting ECHO™ (Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes) to democratise specialist skills and increase confidence of staff in palliative and end-of-life care. Hospice Isle of Man is reaching the end of the first year of Project ECHO™ with local nursing homes.

Aim To carry out a formative evaluation of project ECHO™ at the end of its first year of operation and prepare for a summative evaluation at the end of five years.

Methods The logic model identifies resources and inputs, activities, outputs, short and longer-term outcomes. Inputs, activities and outputs come from routinely collected data and short-term outcomes from a mix of ad-hoc quantitative data from surveys and qualitative data from interviews. For longer-term outcomes we have 1) set up a data collection exercise to obtain feedback from all of those experiencing bereavement, 2) identified sources of data on place of care at the end-of-life with the aim of determining whether experiences change over the period of Project ECHO™’s operation.

Results We are currently conducting the formative evaluation with nursing homes using the quantitative data described in the first three categories of the logic model. We are also carrying out qualitative interviews with those who participated in the first year of Project ECHO™. We trialled a validated questionnaire (Grande et al. End-of-life skills survey) on end-of life skills and confidence which will be a required part of enrolment for those who join further ECHO™s and will map to our Island skills framework. Feedback is positive and Project ECHO™ will continue in nursing homes with further ECHO™s including residential homes and other community providers.

Conclusion With the formative evaluation we are learning lessons about how best to deliver Project ECHO™ in nursing homes and extend it to other sites. We have set up measures which we hope will shed light on longer-term outcomes.

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