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P-38 Buzzing about compassionate communities
  1. Debra Lawson,
  2. Helen Birch,
  3. Rachel Kennedy and
  4. Kate Tipton-Thomas
  1. Queenscourt Hospice, Southport, UK


Background Queenie’s Roadshow is an engagement project targeted at local schools and nurseries. Pupils receive a free presentation from the hospice’s Community Fundraiser and our mascot, Queenie. The presentation gives pupils the opportunity to learn about the invaluable work that is carried out by the hospice and their wider services.

In July, schools will hold a fundraising activity or event during their Sports Day. This is the first year in which the Roadshow has run, and whilst the focus is on engaging with local schools and nurseries to increase awareness of hospice work, dying and bereavement, it is estimated that there will be an income of approximately £1,000.

Aim The aim is engagement with local schools and nurseries to develop long-lasting relationships. This will help build Compassionate Communities and increase fundraising activities.

Methods Social media marketing. This reached 1,274 people, 75 of which engaged with the Facebook post. Traditional marketing via written request (to those who had consented) to schools and nurseries did not result in any engagement.

Results Results are anecdotal at this point as the campaign is ongoing. Children have been curious and excited to engage and have conversations. This is beginning to increase awareness. To this point, six schools/nurseries are signed up to the campaign.

Conclusion We believe that by utilising our mascot effectively we will not only develop long-lasting relationships with our local schools, but we will also raise awareness and knowledge of our hospice in a way that enables conversations about dying and bereavement with young people. We can use these experiences as building blocks within the development of Compassionate Communities as well as benefitting from fundraising activity by each school/nursery.

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