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P-26 Creating a template to improve recording end of life discussions/plans in a custodial setting
  1. Leone Beet1,
  2. Tracy Rhodes1 and
  3. Jill Bennett2
  1. 1St Catherine’s Hospice, Preston, UK
  2. 2Wymott Prison, Leyland, UK


Background In April 2018 the Dying Well in Custody Charter was published. This Charter provides a framework to assist all prison staff supporting an individual who is preparing to die in a custodial setting. Projections indicate the number of individuals aged 50 plus held in custodial settings is increasing rapidly. There is strong evidence that this older population in prisons experience higher burden of physical/mental health problems. Prison staff highlight that initiating discussions about end of life care/preferences in relation to place of death/care was challenging and that the recording and tracking of these discussions/plans was problematic leading to possible unnecessary hospital admissions.

Aims Design/develop an end of life template focused on the Dying Well in Custody Charter. The template to be given a designated area on the computer system (SystmOne) that all prisons use nationally. The template can be used as a passport of end of life discussions/planning if the individual moves to another location e.g. other prison, hospice, community setting. Provide multi-professional education focused on planning/recording of end of life care in prisons.

Method Collaborative working with hospice and two prison healthcare/IT teams. Staff comments/ideas gained through group discussions to develop the template.

Implementation To trial the template in two prisons and one hospice over six months. First prison has a high percentage of elderly individuals and the second prison has a health-care unit. The hospice uses the same computer system and covers both prisons.

Evaluation Discussion of the use of the template monthly and amend as appropriate until a template has been formed that meets the need of individuals and can be used nationally to improve end of life care/planning in custody.

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