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P-268 Team building, healthy workplace, healthy you
  1. Michelle Holgate,
  2. Christine Johnson and
  3. Sarah Williams
  1. Garden House Hospice Care, Letchworth, UK


Background Over the last two years the Inpatient Unit (IPU) has seen a significant change in leadership and nursing staff. It was recognised that there was a need to encourage willingness to accept change and promote teamwork. Research by Maben et al (2012) shows that patient experiences are generally better when staff feel they have a good team climate, colleague support, as well as job satisfaction and a positive organisational culture. As a result of this it was decided that team-building workshops would be held.


  • Act as a forum for individuals and teams to reflect on their own behaviour

  • Help to produce a supportive culture where bullying and harassment are unlikely to occur

  • Encourage positive behaviour

  • Discourage negative behaviour

  • Increase understanding of behaviour that may be perceived to be bullying or harassment whether intended or not

  • Increase acceptance of strategies that might be used to retrieve a problem situation.

Method Four workshops were held. IPU staff were invited to the workshops which were structured around the RCN Toolkit ‘Healthy Workplace, Healthy You’ (2015). This includes self-assessment forms where participants can reflect on their behaviour and attitudes. Participants then completed a team assessment form in which they reflect on the attitudes, behaviours and culture within the team.

Results An action plan was devised as a group to address identified issues. The toolkit provides a measurable outcome of how staff are feeling which will be repeated at future dates to give demonstrable progress.


  • Feedback has been positive. Staff voiced that the workshops provided a calm and supportive forum to discuss any issues within the team

  • Staff had the opportunity to reflect on positives within the team

  • An action plan was agreed and will be reviewed regularly as well as at the next full ‘Team Away’ Day.

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