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P-257 Worcester stands tall
  1. Tricia Cavell
  1. St Richard’s Hospice, Worcester, Worcestershire


As we look for diversity in income streams the requirement to be BIG, BOLD and BRAVE with our fundraising activities is more prevalent.

This poster will explain how a Wild in Art project raised £233k profit for St. Richard’s Hospice, what benefits it bought to the community, and to the charity’s longer term fundraising. The learning isn’t just for those who can undertake large scale projects – it’s about stepping outside the box, having the confidence to do things differently and the power of innovation.

Worcester’s streets, parks and open spaces were brought to life by individually designed, beautifully created, majestic giraffes. This was one of the largest projects Worcester has seen and brought together many sectors of the community such as businesses, artists, education and the media.

St Richard’s Hospice succeeded in creating a mass-participation event that captured the imagination of local residents, tourists and businesses in Worcester. WST attracted a wide range of people, boosting a pride in Worcester for locals and showing off the city to tourists. Word of mouth and social media has been an essential ingredient in this success.

Footfall in Worcester and to local businesses increased during the WST trail, with spend in the city from WST visitors reaching as high as £946,000, a huge boost to Worcester’s economy. For St Richard’s Hospice itself, as well as the fundraising, we achieved strong awareness of the Build 2020 appeal with over 84% of participants recognising the brand.

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