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4 The place or the environment: what is a more preferred option at the end of life for people in Wales?
  1. Ishrat Islam,
  2. Anthony Byrne and
  3. Annmarie Nelson
  1. Cardiff University, UK


Introduction Public preference to die at home has been well documented in the literature (Schou-Andersen et al., 2016). An indicator of measuring success of End of Life Care Delivery Plan of Welsh Government is the proportion of patients who are cared for in their preferred places(Welsh Government, 2017). Uncertainties around accessing facilities to meet clinical and psycho-social need may have influence on changing public preference.

Aim To identify public preferences at end of life.

Method Online public survey using JISC tool. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics and thematic approach for this mixed method study.

Results 2210 people (Age: Mean+SD; 55+14 yrs) participated in the survey (29% were patients/cares, 23% academic/health professionals and 48% with no caregiving/bereavement experience) Only 31% of total surveyed believed that EoLC facilities were accessible and 49% thought these facilities were insufficient to meet the need. More people preferred to be surrounded by loved ones (62%); having access to trained professionals (84%), die in dignity (55%); be peaceful (40%); be symptom-free (30%), take part in care decision (26%) than those who preferred to be at home (24%). Preferred services and environment were expressed with free text by 189 and 87 respondents. Most people preferred their choices being respected; a large portion advocated for euthanasia. Pain management and having access to trained professionals came as preferred options by many but very few people preferred being at home.

Conclusions Access to trained support and having loved ones around them in a peaceful dignified environment outweigh the importance of a physical place of care.

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