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P70 Effects of an advance care planning educational program intervention in an acute hospital; a qualitative data analysis
  1. M Hamayoshi1,
  2. S Goto2,
  3. A Kono3,
  4. C Matsuoka1 and
  5. M Ikenaga4
  1. 1Bukkyo University, Kyoto, Japan
  2. 2Konan womans university, Kobe City, Japan
  3. 3Osaka city university, Osaka, Japan
  4. 4Yodogawa Christian hospital, Osaka, Japan


Background Advance care planning (ACP) is a crucial end-of-life care practice. However, an ACP educational program for practitioners in an acute care setting has not yet been established. This study aimed to examine the effects of an ACP educational program in acute hospital. Aim: This work is evaluating the effect of ACP education programme on acute hospital practitioners. Design: A mixed-methods, Pre-and post test study to evaluate changing practitioner attitudes post program. The intervention program was three times during the 3 month in 90 minutes per session. As a program evaluation, comments on participant’s questionnaires two questions about an attitude and practice were categorized and evaluated. We used conventional content analysis. Setting/Participants: The final sample of 63 practitioners whose they were working at B acute hospital.

Results As a result of analysis of qualitative data, Question1 was categorized into five categories, and Question2 was categorized into seven categories. The results that participants thought important of ACP implementation and talk with patient and family. It was suggested that participants were able to look back on their own way of thinking about death and found the tips of ACP implementation.

Conclusion The key message of this study was change sustained of awareness about positive attitude of ACP and EOL after 6 month intervention. These results suggest that the present ACP educational program was effective at improving staff attitudes towards the end of life care of patients.

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