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OP92 The challenges around localisation of ACP training – new zealand train-the-trainer programme
  1. L Manson,
  2. C Arkless,
  3. J Goodwin and
  4. J Hannah
  1. Health Quality Safety Commission, Wellington, New Zealand


Bacground In the very early days of ACP implementation in New Zealand it was identified that one of the greatest barriers was clinicians feeling unprepared to initiate and facilitate ACP conversations. The National ACP Cooperative developed and delivered a programme of training. One component of the programme, the one-day ACP workshop (Understanding more about ACP and having the conversations), were delivered by a small national group of national trainers. 63 workshops (907 participants) were delivered in 2017. These workshops reported a statistically significant increase in clinician confidence to have ACP conversations. The District Health Boards (DHBs) wanted to increase the number of workshops being delivered and to take greater local control of the training.

Method The national ACP team worked with a team of trainers to develop a train-the-trainer course to train local DHB trainers to deliver the L1A workshops. 41 local DHB trainers have been trained. There was concern that delegation of training delivery to local trainers might impact the quality of the workshops. To mitigate against this risk, trainee trainers are required to go through a rigorous 6 step training and accreditation process before being accredited as trainers of the L1A workshop.

Results The preliminary evaluation of the train-the-trainer programme finds that it meets the expectations of trainee trainers and leaves them feeling prepared to deliver the workshops locally. Initial assessment indicates that the increase between pre-and post- workshop confidence scores of participants remains statistically significant.

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