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OP82 Identification, implementation and evaluation of indicators to monitor successful uptake of advance care planning in alberta
  1. J Xiao1,2,
  2. J SimOn3,
  3. T Lynn Wityk Martin4,
  4. S Iversen4,
  5. M Douglas1,
  6. A Potapov1,
  7. M Nesari1,
  8. P Biondo3,
  9. A Kanters3 and
  10. K Fassbender1,2
  1. 1University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
  2. 2Covenant Health Palliative Institute, Edmonton, AB, Canada
  3. 3University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada
  4. 4Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, AB, Canada


Background In 2014, a province-wide policy for advance care planning (ACP) and Goals of Care Designation (GCD) was implemented in Alberta, Canada; nevertheless, few quality indicators have been rigorously developed or evaluated for measuring the uptake of ACP/GCD.

Methods In phase I, we performed a systematic literature review and environmental scan to identify potential ACP/GCD indicators. A Delphi consensus-based approach, consisting of 3 rounds of face-to-face meetings and/or online surveys, was used to develop a short list of indicators. In phase II, the panelists met face-to-face to operationalize and implement the indicators. In phase III, two validated questionnaires and semi-structured interviews of 60 individuals (stratified by manager/practitioner and physician/nurse) are being used to evaluate the usability and acceptability of the implemented indicators on a dashboard interface.

Results A total of 132 potential indicators were identified in phase I. The indicators were reduced and refined to 18 after 3 Delphi rounds. Phase II resulted in 9 valid and feasible indicators in a measurable format (i.e. numerator, denominator, data source defined). The Phase III protocol is under ethical review and potential participants’ recruitment is underway.

Conclusions Of 132 quality indicators for ACP/GCD, 9 are feasible, valid, usable and acceptable for monitoring performance in the rollout of ACP/GCD. This set of indicators shows promise for describing and evaluating ACP/GCD uptake throughout a complex, multi-sector healthcare system.

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