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OP76 Advance care planning: core competency of elderly care medicine in the netherlands
  1. D Janssen1 and
  2. C Hertogh2
  1. 1CIRO, Horn, Netherlands
  2. 2VUmc, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Target audience professional caregivers, including physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals, researchers, policy makers.

Description The Dutch elderly care physician is a physician who specializes in long-term care for frail elderly people and patients with complex chronic health problems. Advance care planning (ACP) is a corner stone of elderly care medicine. The current session shows the importance of ACP for frail elderly and patients with complex chronic health problems as well as evidence for ACP interventions in this population. ACP education of Dutch elderly care physicians will be highlighted. The specific challenge for elderly care physicians in ACP for persons with decision-making disabilities will be discussed. Finally, the collaboration between elderly care physicians and general practitioners will be illustrated.

Content Introduction ACP in elderly care medicine – by dr. Daisy J.A. Janssen

Specific challenges for elderly care physicians: ACP and decision-making disabilities – by prof. Cees Hertogh

Collaboration between elderly care physician and general practitioner – by general practitioner invited by dr. Annicka van der Plas

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