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OP05 A conversation card game motivates british columbians to engage in advance care planning
  1. E Hassan,
  2. D Barwich and
  3. K Kennedy
  1. BC Centre for Palliative Care, New Westminister, Canada


Background Advance care planning (ACP) is an important process that involves reflecting on, discussing and documenting one’s values and preferences for future healthcare. A 2016 study in British Columbia (B.C.) showed that public engagement in ACP is low. The BC Centre for Palliative Care (BC-CPC) is leading a provincial initiative, in collaboration with various stakeholders, to promote early public engagement in ACP behaviours through innovative strategies. In 2016, BC-CPC partnered with 15 community-based organizations to assess the acceptability and effectiveness of a conversation card game in engaging the public in ACP conversations. Game questions are designed to stimulate conversations about issues relevant to decision making in the context of a serious illness.

Methods Participants were recruited by convenience sampling using community advertisements. During the game, participants take turns drawing cards, reading the questions on the cards aloud, and writing down their answers before sharing them with the group. Quantitative data was collected using a structured questionnaire to assess the participants’ experience and motivation to engage in ACP.

Results Over 12 months, 547 British Columbian adults participated in 44 game events hosted by community organizations from across B.C. After playing the game, the majority of participants (90%) planned to continue the conversation with family, and 75% agreed that the game made the conversations about the discussed topics safe and meaningful.

Conclusion Our findings indicate that playing the conversation game in a community setting is a feasible and effective way to motivate British Columbian to engage in ACP.

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