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OP50 Influencing factors on engagement in advance care planning (ACP) from the caregiver’s perspective
  1. S Herzog,
  2. M Koch and
  3. C Seifart
  1. Philipps-University Marburg, Marburg, Germany


Background One important aspect of successful ACP is the engagement of caregivers during the process. However, sometimes the engagement of patients and their caregivers in ACP is known to be difficult. Therefore barriers and facilitators of participation in ACP from the caregiver’s point of view are explored.

Methods 12 relatives (caregivers) of palliative-oncologic patients were questioned in guideline-based interviews. 5 caregivers were children and 7 were spouses of patients. The analysis was conducted by Qualitative Content Analysis by Ma Recruiting patients yring. Two code trees were built: one posing a two-dimensional axis system made of plus and minus poles, the other one operating in the shape of clusters (“clouds”) considering overlappings and connections of the six main themes (“stardust model”).

Results Six result clusters were evaluated influencing the willingness of both patients and caregivers.

  1. Skills Of ACP–Initiators (general and social expectations on the initiator and conductor of ACP–intervention)

  2. “Omnipresent Electivity” (setting of daily–life impulses for ACP bearing a non–binding nature)

  3. Importance of Relationship Between Spouses (understanding of symmetrical needs)

  4. Relative Differences Of Perception Of Children And Spouses of patients

  5. Maintenance of Objective Necessities (non–emotional structural circumstances such as resources of time, finances and legal responsibilities)

    All empowering relatives to be

  6. A Participative Caregiver (including experiences and desired role in ACP setting)

Conclusions Acknowledging the importance of caregivers and their essential role in ACP further interventions should consider incorporating these factors to improve the implementation of such.

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