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OP40 Advance care planning in medical training in the netherlands
  1. A Van der Plas,
  2. R Pasman and
  3. W Westen
  1. VUmc, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Our abstract is for a themed session and describes the workshop we want to give. In this workshop we will highlight the need to integrate ACP in the education of medical students and offer some examples of how to do this. Firstly, Judith Westen provides an introduction on the training needs of medical students and the current place of palliative care and ACP in the Dutch medical curricula. Then, Roeline Pasman discusses the outline of a minor on palliative care. She will illustrate the basic ingredients of the minor and show how ACP is integrated in the minor. Thirdly, in small groups, the participants of the workshop will experience different work forms that can be used to stimulate awareness of the need for ACP and train patient – physician communication regarding ACP (e.g discussion of a movie, role play, discussion on different communication styles). Afterwards the participants discuss their experiences and share ideas on how to integrate ACP in local training and education.

Target audience: Educators, healthcare professionals, researchers, policy makers.

Introduction and background palliative care and ACP in the curriculum of Dutch medical students

Example: Outline of a minor on palliative care

Interactive: working with training materials and role play

Group discussion: take home messages of participants

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