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OP39 Evaluation of the living matters ACP training course for health professionals through a multi-centre study
  1. EJ Koh1,
  2. CC Yu1,
  3. JA Low1 and
  4. R Ng2
  1. 1Geriatric Education and Research Institute, Singapore, Singapore
  2. 2Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore, Singapore


Background The Living Matters ACP course trains healthcare professionals in Singapore to engage patients and families in ACP conversations. The assumption is that with more effective training, the knowledge, skills, attitude and confidence of participants in undertaking ACP conversations will improve.

Methods This mixed method study recruited a total of 223 healthcare professionals who attended the one-day course over a span of 1 year. Quantitative data were collected using pre and post-course questionnaires (immediate and 6-months) in domains on knowledge, skills, attitude, satisfaction, confidence and practice of the participants. Qualitative data from participants is currently being collected (3 to 12 months post-course) to determine their opinions and experiences on the training course and effects on practice.

Results Preliminary findings from the quantitative data suggest the course was efficacious in advancing participants’ knowledge and self-reported skills and confidence. This was shown by the significant and practically large changes in matched t test scores. Conversely, the course may have limited impact on attitudes since similar tests did not show changes of such magnitude and were largely trivial. Views suggest ACP conversations can be improved through means to enhance the emotional resilience of ACP facilitators and also means to navigate shared decision making and conflict resolution.

Conclusion Coupled with the qualitative data, current findings from this study can guide changes to the current ACP training in Singapore to make it more relevant and effective for healthcare providers.

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