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127 Improvement of MDT meetings in a palliative care inpatient setting – a service improvement project
  1. Sarah Shipman and
  2. Constantina Pitsillides
  1. Sheffield Teaching Hospitals


Background Multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings are central to the management of chronic disease and they have become widely established across the NHS (Department of Health, 2004). MDT meetings are believed to ensure higher quality decision-making and improved outcomes however the evidence to support this is limited.

Despite MDT care being found in many secondary care settings throughout the UK, there is no national standard for an MDT (NICE, 2017). NICE suggests that indeed some of the MDT’s success may be in the flexibility to suit each particular clinical area; however, good planning and communication are common themes throughout.

The Macmillan Palliative Care Unit (MPCU) holds a weekly MDT to discuss all current inpatients. There is opportunity to review the effectiveness of documentation during these meetings to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Methods Data was collected retrospectively looking at various aspects of good record keeping prior to a MDT proforma being implemented. A proforma was then introduced and changes made each week on 3 separate weeks. Data was collected after each change to monitor if record keeping improved. Changes made were based on suggestions by members of the MDT.

Results Number of patients’ notes reviewed ranged from 14–18 depending on the number of patients on the inpatient unit that week. A deterioration or poor documentation in specific areas prompted changes to be made to the proforma. As a result, the overall documentation of discussions and decisions greatly improved.

Conclusion Overall documentation of discussions and decisions made at MDT meetings has improved following the implementation of the proforma and ensures all MDT members are included in discussions about patients.

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