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Intravenous methadone in a patient with advanced cancer
  1. Alba Gabriela Picco Brunetto
  1. Palliative Care Unit, Hospital San Juan de Dios, Pamplona 31006, Spain
  1. Correspondence to Dr Alba Gabriela Picco Brunetto, Palliative Care Unit, Hospital San Juan de Dios, Pamplona 31006, Spain; gabpicco{at}


A patient receiving maintenance treatment with methadone (MTM) was treated with parenteral methadone for intense pain crises in cancer of the tongue with severe mucositis and dysphagia. Authors like Manfredi et al describe good results in the use of methadone as an analgesic in patients with MTM. The difficulties which arise with parenteral use derive from the drug itself and from those to whom the treatment is administered: serious side effects like malignant arrhythmias and respiratory depression and the complex nature of these patients, addicted to opiates with a terminal illness and pain which is difficult to treat. It should be administered by experts in palliative care in a healthcare unit where it can be successfully monitored.

  • methadone
  • head cáncer
  • pain
  • side effects
  • addiction

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