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P-244 Moving forward; striving to improve upon ABC end of life care education within care homes
  1. Danielle Winch
  1. Garden House Hospice Care, Letchworth, UK


Background The ABC Care Home Education modules are a recognised programme of multi-disciplinary training that has been successfully delivered using a classroom approach. However, the current training does not effectively cover all learning styles, particularly those who are kinaesthetic learners, leaving some attendees struggling to implement learning. Current finance has been established jointly between through the local Clinical Commissioning Group and hospice to continue this work which has provided an opportunity to review and adapt delivery of the programme.

Aims To improve the effectiveness of end of life care education in care homes using clinical interventions including role modelling, ad hoc support and demonstration of practical skills to reinforce learning.

Method Following consultation to establish the ongoing needs of staff a programme of support was offered. This included ‘drop in’ lunchtime sessions to look at the delivery of practical care, working alongside staff delivering care or supporting with medication and liaising with GPs as appropriate.

Results Although still in its initial stages, the feedback from care home staff and managers has been very positive with staff embracing the opportunity to work alongside an experienced professional. Staff have reported increased confidence leading to improved application of learning, more comprehensive documentation and effective communication. Further work is underway to establish the effect on admissions to hospital within the last year of life and the perceived increase in staff and patient/relative satisfaction.

Conclusion The ABC Education programme has previously established significant strides in improving end of life care within care homes. The review has established that practical input can theoretically improve care further by embracing an increased variety of learning styles and embedding the learning to create established improvements.

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