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P-219 Improving the effectiveness of hospice nursing handovers
  1. Emma Little
  1. St Catherine’s Hospice, Preston, UK


Introduction The quality of nursing handover is important to ensure safe and effective care of patients and to reduce health care errors by ensuring patient information is correct and understood. Review of evidence shows a number of models used in clinical practice but none felt to be appropriate for a hospice care environment. Staff comments were sought and identified that a more structured and meaningful approach was needed.

Aims Provide a more structured and consistent approach to nursing handover. To utilise a team approach to change in practice. New approach to be user friendly

Method A fishbone analysis was conducted to provide a systemic perspective of current practice of nursing handover on the in-patient unit. Staff comments and ideas collected through group discussions, ideas shower, observations, interviews, dotting voting and audit.

HOSPICE mnemonic created: H – History; O – Overall care needs; S – Symptoms; P – Psychological needs and support; I – In/Output and Infection prevention; C – Controlled medication; E – Evaluation of care.

Nursing champions within the team identified to facilitate implementation.

Implementation Colourful prompt cards detailing ‘HOSPICE’ handover mnemonic, provided to all staff. Four-week trial period of using new approach, showed existing handover sheet required review. Documentation changed to match the structure of the ‘HOSPICE’ mnemonic. Ongoing implementation using new approach.

Evaluation Data will be gathered three months post- implementation and will include staff comments and experience, review of clinical incidents and audit of documentation.

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